Materials for Children and Teens with Disabilities

This blog is intended as a means to update and expand on the Linda Lucas Walling Collection of Materials for and about Children and Teens with Different Abilities:

Monday, September 03, 2012

Selecting Materials for the LLW Collection

Selecting Materials for the Collection:
The children's books purchased originally for the collection, with the exception of the award books, were selected because they are discussed in one of three sources. The first source from which titles were selected is an expanded version of "Ability, Disability, and Picture Books," an article Professor Walling wrote which was published in School Libraries Worldwide in July, 2001. The second source is an unpublished article Professor Walling wrote titled "Books About Children with Disabilities." The third source is a chapter by Coy Hunsucker, a long-time children's librarian at Cincinnati Hamilton County (Ohio) Public Library. She has worked with children with disabilities since the 1960s. The chapter, titled "Sharing Literature with Children with Mental Retardation," appeared in Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, which Professor Walling co-edited in 1995 with Marilyn Irwin, a faculty member at Indiana University. Recently, materials have been added on the recommendation of other sources. Children, and former children, with disabilities have been asked to tell us their favorite books. Their recommendations have been added to the Books for Children and Teens with Disabilities sub-collection. Educators, librarians, and parents were asked for recommendations for the Professional, Books about Children and Teens with Disabilities, and Books for Children and Teens with Disabilities sub-collections. Their recommendations are being added as funds are available. Many of the titles about disabilities were chosen from a bibliography of her personal collection provided by Professor Heather Garrison. We are grateful to her as well as to authors, publishers, and others who have donated ideas, materials and equipment for the collection. Meanwhile, we who work with the collection continue to identify titles which are added to a want list. The collection includes books and other materials for and about young children, older children and young adults.
The materials in the sub-collections include books and other materials that were donated by Professor Walling from her personal collection.