Materials for Children and Teens with Disabilities

This blog is intended as a means to update and expand on the Linda Lucas Walling Collection of Materials for and about Children and Teens with Different Abilities:

Monday, September 03, 2012

Links to be added to the Other Links Section of the Collection Web Page

Add to General Resources section:
National Center on Universal Design for Learning Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. National Center on Universal Design for Learning

Add to Publishers section: Indestructibles are as sturdy as a board book but with soft pages that feel like paper but will not rip or wrinkle. All the books in the series are wordless picture books to encourage dialogic reading. 

Add to Technology Section:
Tips for Using Assistive Technology with Young Children This site demonstrates a web page with numerous problems, documents all of the issues, and then shows a corrected version. Accessible University 2.0