Materials for Children and Teens with Disabilities

This blog is intended as a means to update and expand on the Linda Lucas Walling Collection of Materials for and about Children and Teens with Different Abilities:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updates to the LLW Collection Web Page

Updates to the Web page for the Linda Lucas Walling collection on materials for and about children with disabilities have been posted. The address is

In addition to updating the links and the lists of award books, the following additions have been made:

Evaluating Materials section, click on "Criteria Specific to ..." Note the addition of criteria for auditory resources, criteria for tactile/kinesthetic materials, and selecting and evaluating books for adults and teens with mental retardation.

Articles, Blogs, and More: Note the addition of a handout on children with reading disabilities along with links to an article on twice-exceptional children, an article on library services for children with autism spectrum disorder, and an on-line handbook on youth with special needs developed for Wisconsin public libraries.

Suggestions for additions and changes on the Web page are always welcome.