Materials for Children and Teens with Disabilities

This blog is intended as a means to update and expand on the Linda Lucas Walling Collection of Materials for and about Children and Teens with Different Abilities:

Monday, September 03, 2012

Books about Children and Young Adults with Disabilities in the Linda Lucas Walling Collection

Books about Children and Young Adults with Disabilities in the Linda Lucas Walling Collection
*Recommended by a child with a disability
#Recommended by a parent, librarian or media specialist

     NOTE: This is not a best books list. Some of these titles are good or excellent examples, some are very poor examples. Some would work well with children who have certain disabling conditions, but they would not work well for other children. The objective for including both kinds of examples is to provide a collection where interested individuals can use criteria to learn to evaluate specific materials. Be sure to examine these titles according to the criteria that appear on this page before purchasing or using them. In addition, it was sometimes difficult to decide whether a specific title should be in the "for" sub-collection or in the "about" sub-collection. Please check both bibliographies. 
     I have added a disability label to each title. In most cases, the label refers to function. I used autism and Asperger's because of the current interest  in them. Because syndromes such as Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy have a wise possible range of functional effects, I used those names. Please let me know if you think I mislabeled a book. LLW

Abbott, Tony. Firegirl. (burns/disfigurement)

Abeel, Samantha. My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir. (discalculia)

Adler, C. S. Eddie's Blue Winged Dragon. (learning disability)

Alexie, Sherman. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  (brain injury)

Alexander, Sally Hobart. Do You Remember the Color Blue? and Other Questions Kids Ask About Blindness. (blindness)

Altman, Alexandra. Waiting for Benjamin: A Story About Autism. (autism)

Armstrong, Jennifer. Mary Mehan Awake. (deafness)

Backman, Laura. Lemon the Duck. (mobility/dexterity)

Barron, Judy and Sean. 1992. There’s a Boy in Here. (autism)
Baskin, Nora  Raleigh. Anything but Typical. (autism)

Bennett, Cherie. Did You Hear About Amber? (arthritis)

Bertrand, Diane Gonzales. 2004. My Pal, Victor/Mi amigo, Victor.  (mobility/dexterity)
Bingham, Kelly L.  Shark Girl.  (mobility/dexterity)

Birdseye, Tom. Just Call Me Stupid. (reading disability)

Bishop, Beverly. My Friend with Autism. (autism)

Blatchford, Claire H. Nick's  Mission. (deafness)

Bode, Janet. Food Fight: A Guide to Eating Disorders for Preteens and Their Parents. (eating disorder)

Bradlee, Quinn. A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures, A Memoir. (learning disability)

Brenna, Beverley. Something to Hang on to. (various)

Brenna, Beverley. The Moon Children. (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Syndrome)

Bristow, Catherine. My Strange and Terrible Malady. (Asperger Syndrome)

Brown, Christy. Of Snails and Skylarks: Poems. (cerebral palsy)

Brown, Christy. Down All the Days. (cerebral palsy)

Brown, Tricia. 1984.  Someone Special, Just Like You. (various)
Butler, Beverly. Light a Single Candle. (blindness)

Butler, Beverly. Gift of Gold. (blindness)

Carlson, Nancy. 1990. Arnie and the New Kid. (mobility/dexterity)
Carter, Alden. Robodad. (brain aneurism)

Cavanna, Betty. Joyride. (polio)

Choldenko, Gennifer. Al Capone Shines My Shoes. (developmental disabilities)

Clements, Andrew. Things Not Seen. (blindness)
Clifton, Lucille. 1980. My Friend Jacob. (cognitive impairment)
Cosgrove, Stephen. 1981. Leo the Lop. (appearance)
Cowen-Fletcher, Jane. 1993. Mama Zooms. (mobility/dexterity)
Davenport, Randi. The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes: A Mother's Story. (developmental disability)

Day, Alexandra. The Flight of a Dove. (autism)

DeAngeli, Marguerite. The Door in the Wall. (mobility/dexterity)

Debear, Kirsten. Be Quiet, Marina! (cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome)
Deford, Frank. Alex, the Life of a Child. (cystic fibrosis)

Dorris, Michael. Sees Behind Trees. (visual impairment)

Dwight, Laura. We Can Do It! (various)
Edwards, Becky. My Brother Sammy. (cognitive impairment)
Ellis, Marvie and Jenny Loehr. Tacos Anyone? An Autism Story. (autism)

Ely, Lesley. Looking After Louis. (autism)

Emmert, Michelle. 1989. I’m the Big Sister Now. (cerebral palsy)
Erskine, Kathryn. Mockingbird. (Asperger Syndrome)

Fassler, Joan. 1975. Howie Helps Himself. (mobility/dexterity)
Ferris, Jean. Invincible Summer. (leukemia)

Fusco, Kimberly Newton. Tending to Grace. (emotional, behavior disorder)
Gallo, Donald R. Owning It: Stories About Teens with Disabilities. (various)

Gantos, Jack. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. (learning disabilities)

Gartenberg, Zachary M. and Jerry Gay. Mori's Story: A Book About a Boy with Autism. (autism)

Geus, Mireille and Nancy Forest. Piggy. (cognitive impairment)

Girion, Barbara. A Handful of Stars. (epilepsy)

Girnis, Margaret. ABC for You and Me. (Down Syndrome)
Grandin, Temple. 1986. Emergence: Labelled Autistic. (autism)
Grandin, Temple. 1995. Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports From My Life With Autism. (autism)
Grandin, Temple and Catherine Johnson. Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. (autism)

Grealy, Lucy. Autobiography of a Face. (cancer/disfigurement)

Greenwald, Sheila. Will the Real Gertrude Hollings Please Stand Up? (learning disability)

Greenwald, Kellie. Kellie's Book: The Art of the Possible. (cognitive impairment)

Guccione, Leslie D. Tell Me How the Wind Sounds.  (deafness)

Haddon, Mark. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. (Aspergers)
Hatrick, Gloria. Masks. (Gullain-Barre syndrome)

Heelan, Jamee Riggio. Rolling Along: The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair. (mobility/dexterity)
Heiman, Herb. Running on Dreams. (autism)

Isaacson, Rupert. The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son. (autism)

Jackson, Luke. Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence. (Asperger) 
Janover, Caroline. How Many Days Until Tomorrow? (dyslexia)
Johnson, Harriet McBride. Accidents of Nature. (various)

Johnson, Harriet McBride. Too Late to Die Young: Nearly True Tales From a Life. (mobility/dexterity)

Johnson, Scott. Safe at Second. (visual disability)

Johnston, Juliie. Hero of Lesser Causes. (polio)

Josephson, Gretchen. Bus Girl. (Down Syndrome)
Kadohata, Cynthia. Kira-Kira. (cancer)

Keating-Velasco, Joanna L. A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend: A Kid's Book on Making Friends With a Child Who Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. (autism)

Keating-Velasco, Joanna L. In His Shoes: A Short Journey Through Autism. (autism)

Kent, Deborah. The Disability Rights Movement. (various)

Kent, Deborah. Too Soon to Say Good-bye. (leukemia)

Keyes, Daniel. Flowers for Algernon. (cognitive impairment)

Klein, Adria F. and Mernie Gallagher-Cole. Max Learns Sign Language. (deafness)

Klein, Adria F. and Mernie Gallagher-Cole. Max's Fun Day. (deafness)

Klein, Norma. My Life As a Body. (mobility/dexterity)

Koborg Brosen, Sofie. Do You Understand Me? My Life, My Thoughts, My Autism Spectrum Disorder. (autism)

Kochka and Sarah Adams. The Boy Who Ate Stars. (autism)

Koertge, Ronald. Stoner & Spaz. (cerebral palsy)

Koretsky, Tracy. Ropeless. (Down Syndrome)

Koretsky, Tracy. Between Myself and Them: Stories of Disability and Difference. (various)

Kroll, Virginia. Brianna Breathes Easy: A Story About Asthma. (asthma)
Kroll, Virginia L. and Enrique O. Sanchez. Cristina Keeps a Promise. (cognitive impairment)

Laird, Elizabeth. Loving Ben. (Down Syndrome)

Lancelle, Matthew and Jeanette Lesada. Sundays with Matthew: A Young Boy with Autism and an Artist Share Their Sketchbooks. (autism)

Lang, Glenna. Looking Out for Sarah. (blindness)
Lauren, Jill. That's Like Me! Stories About Amazing People with Learning Differences. (learning disability)

Lears, Laurie. Ian's Walk: A Story About Autism. (autism)

Lears, Laurie. Nathan's Wish: A Story About Cerebral Palsy. (cerebral palsy)
Levi, Dorothy Hoffman. A Very Special Sister. (deafness)
Levinson, Nancy Smiler. Annie's World. (blindness)
Libal, Joyce. Finding My Voice: Youth with Speech Impairment. (speech impairment)

Lowry, Lois and Jenni Oliver. A Summer to Die. (cancer)

Luchsinger, Dena and Julie Olson. Playing by the Rules: A Story About Autism. (autism)

Martin, Bill and John Archambault. Knots on a Counting Rope. (blindness)
Mass, Wendy. A Mango Shaped Space. (synesthesia)
Matlin, Marlee. Deaf Child Crossing. (deaf)

McCaffrey, Anne. The Ship Who Sang. (mobility/dexterity)

McCormick, Patricia. Cut. (mental illness)

McCullers, Carson. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. (autism)

*McDaniel, Lurlene. All the Days of Her Life. (diabetes)

*McDaniel, Lurlene. I Want to Live. (leukemia)

*McDaniel, Lurlene. Saving Jessica. (kidney disease)

*McDaniel, Lurlene. She Died Too Young. (heart defect)

*McDaniel, Lurlene. Six Months to Live. (cancer)

McElwain, Jason and Daniel Paisner. The Game of My Life: A True Story of Challenge, Triumph, and Growing Up Autistic. (autism)

Mikaelsen, Ben. Petey. (cerebral palsy)

#Millman, Isaac. 1998. Moses goes to a Concert. (deafness)
Moser, Adolph J. Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays: The Children's Anti-Stress Book (behavior disorder)
Mueller, Pamela Bauer. Hello, Goodbye, I Love You: The Story of Aloha, a Guide Dog for the Blind. (vision)

#Muldoon, Kathleen. 1989. Princess Pooh. (cerebral palsy)
Nolan, Christopher.  Under the Eye of the Clock: The Life Story of Christopher Nolan.  (cerebral palsy)

Nuzum, K. A. A Small White Scar. (Down Syndrome)

O’Connor, Barbara. Me and Rupert Goody. (cognitive impairment)
Ogaz, Nancy. Buster and the Amazing Daisy. (Asperger Syndrome)

O'Neal, Zibby. The Language of Goldfish: A Novel. (mental illness) 

Orr, Wendy. Peeling the Onion. (traumatic brain injury)

Polacco, Patricia. Thank You, Mr. Falker. (dyslexia)
Quinn, Patrick. Matthew Pinkowshi's Special Summer. (learning disability)

Rabe, Berniece. 1988. Where’s Chimpy? (Down Syndrome)
Rapp, Adam. Under the Wolf, Under the Dog. (mental illness)

Rickert, Janet Elizabeth. Russ and the Almost Perfect Day. (Down Syndrome)
Riskind, Mary. Apple Is My Sign. (deafness)

Rorby, Ginny. Hurt Go Happy. (deafness)

Rorby, Ginny.  The Outside of a Horse. (PTSD)

Rue, Nancy N. Sophie Gets Real. (Down Syndrome)

Rustad, Martha E. H. Some Kids Have Autism. (autism)

Ryan, Pam Munoz. Becoming Naomi Leon. (developmental disability)
Sachs, Elizabeth Ann. Just Like Always. (scoliosis)

Savitz, Harriet May. Run, Don't Walk: A Novel. (mobility/dexterity)

Schaefer, Lola M. Some Kids Are Deaf. (deafness)

Schaefer, Lola M. Some Kids Are Blind. (blindness)

Schaefer, Lola M. Some Kids Use Wheelchairs. (mobility/dexterity)

Schaefer, Lola M. Some Kids Wear Leg Braces. (mobility/dexterity)

Schlieper, Anne. The Best Fight. 
Scott, Virginia M. Belonging. (meningitis, deafness)

Scrimger, Richard. From Charlie's Point of View. (blindness)

Shally, Celeste. Since We're Friends: An Autism Picture Book. (autism)

Shapiro, Ouisie. Autism and Me: Sibling Stories. (autism)

#Shirley, Debra and Judy Stead. Best Friend on Wheels. (mobility/dexterity)

Shreve, Susan. The Gift of the Girl Who Could Not Hear. (deafness)

Shusterman, Neal. The Schwa Was Here. (blindness)

Shyer, Marlene Fanta. Welcome Home, Jellybean. (cognitive impairment)

Singletary, Mabel Elizabeth. Coming Across Jordan. (autism)

Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. (cognitive impairment)

Stepanek, Mattie J. T.  Celebrate Through Heartsongs. (muscular dystrophy)

Stepanek, Mattie J. T. Journey Through Heartsongs. (muscular dystrophy)

Stork, Francisco X. Marcelo in the Real World. (Asperger Syndrome)

Strachan, Ian. The Flawed Glass. (mobility/dexterity, speech)

Tashjian, Janet. Tru Confessions. (developmental delay)
Thompson, Mary. Andy and His Yellow Frisbee. (autism)

Tourville, Amanda Doering and Kristin Sorra. My Friend Has ADHD. (ADHD)

Tourville, Amanda Doering and Kristin Sorra. My Friend Has Autism. (autism)

Tourville, Amanda Doering and Kristin Sorra. My Friend Has Down Syndrome. (Down Syndrome)

Traig, Jennifer. Devil in the Details: Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood. (OCD)

Trueman, Terry. Inside Out. (mental illness)

Tupper Ling, Nancy. My Sister, Alicia May. (Down Syndrome)

Uhlberg, Myron. Dad, Jackie, and Me. (deafness)
Van Niekerk, Clarabelle. Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome. (Asperger Syndrome)

Verniero, Joan C. You Can Call Me Willy. A Story for Children about AIDS. (HIV/AIDS)
Victor, Pamela. Baj and the Word Launcher: Space Age Asperger Adventures in Communication. (Asperger Syndrome)

Wanous, Suzanne. Sara's Secret. (developmental disability)
Yolen, Jane. The Seeing Stick. (blindness)