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This blog is intended as a means to update and expand on the Linda Lucas Walling Collection of Materials for and about Children and Teens with Different Abilities:

Monday, September 03, 2012

Professional Materials in the Linda Lucas Walling Collection

Professional Materials in the Linda Lucas Walling Collection:
Anderson, Marcella F. Hospitalized Children and Books: A Guide for Librarians, Families, and Caregivers. 1992. 2d ed.
#Baker, Jed. The Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children With Autism.

Blaska, Joan. Using Children’s Literature to Learn About Disabilities and Illnesses.
Brett, Doris. More Annie Stories: Therapeutic Storytelling Techniques. 1992. (Brett has also written Annie Stories, but it was out of print by the time I discovered it.)
Bruni, Maryanne. Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals ISBN 18906276774
Butler, Dorothy. Cushla and her Books. 1975. Hornbook (THE book to read if you want to understand the effect books can have on a child with developmental disabilities!)
Cissell, Mary Ellen Siebe. 2001. Differability as Diversity: An Analysis of the Portrayal of Characters with “Disabilities” in Contemporary Realistic Fiction for Children. Dissertation: Texas Women’s University. 
Coon, Cheryl. Books to Grow With: A Guide to Using the Best Children’s Fiction for Everyday Issues and Tough Challenges. 2004. 
Cratty, Bryant J. and James E. Breen. Educational Games for Physically Handicapped Children. 1972. (These games are still useful.)
Crowley, Richard J. Cartoon Magic: How to Help Children Discover Their Rainbows Within. 1989.
Divinyi, Joyce. Discipline That Works: 5 Simple Steps. ISBN 0965635376
Doll, Beth and Carol Doll. Bibliotherapy with Young People: Librarians and Health Professionals Working Together. 1997.
#Ekman, Paul and Wallace V. Friesen. Unmasking the Face: A Guide to Recognizing Emotions from Facial Clues.

Emmons, Polly Godwin and Liz McKendry Anderson. Understanding Sensory Dysfunction: Learning, Development And Sensory Dysfunction In Autism Spectrum Disorders ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Bipolar Disorder. 
Forer, Anne-Marie and Mary Zajac. Library Services to the Mentally Retarded. n. d. (This is a report of an LSCA project. An oldie but goodie!)
Gaffney, Maureen. Using Media to Make Kids Feel Good. 1988. (Another book from the perspective of working with children in hospitals.)
Garrison, Heather. Adolescents' Perceptions of the Sociocultural Construct of Disability when Responding to Literature: Of Mice and Men.  (Dissertation, Fordham). It is available (open-access) at:

Ginsburg, Judy Caplan. A Flower Is an Educated Weed: Early Childhood Teaching Philosophies and Ideas.

Gopnik, Alison. The Philosophical Baby.: What Childs' Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life.

Gopnik, Alison, Andrew N. Meitzoff, and Patricia K. Kuhl. The Scientist in the Crib: Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn.

Halstead, Judith Wynn. Some of My Best Friends Are Books: Guiding Gifted Readers From Preschool to High School.

Horning, Kathleen T. Alternative Press Publishers of Children’s Books. 1988. (Many good books in this field are published by alternative presses. These presses may or may not still exist, but looking at the list can make you aware of some presses to watch for.)
Hynes, Arleen McCarthy and Mary Hynes-Berry. Bibliotherapy The Interactive Process: A Handbook. 1986. (An important book on the basics of bibliotherapy.)
Klein, Stanley. Reflections from a Different Journey: What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew 
Kranowitz, Carol Stock. The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. 2003. 
Lavoie, Richard D. It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Helping the Child With Learning Disabilities Find Social Success.

Lavoie, Richard D. The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning on the Tuned-Out Child.

Livo, Norma J. Who’s Afraid…? Facing Children’s Fears with Folktales. 1994.
Lucas, Linda and Marilyn H. Karrenbrock. The Disabled Child in the Library: Moving into the Mainstream. 1983.
Lucas, Linda, ed. Library Services to Developmentally Disabled Children and Adults. 1982
Mathias, Beverley. Read Me the Pictures.

McIntyre, Christine. Play for Children With Special Needs: including Children Aged 3-8.

Mathias, Beverley. Read Me the Pictures.

Newman, Sarah, Small Steps Forward: Using Games and Activities to Help Your Pre-School Child With Special Needs. 

Newson, John and Elizabeth Newson. Toys & Playthings in Development and Remediation.

Pila, Marianne. The Best: High Low Books for Reluctant Readers. 1990
Prater, Mary Anne and Tina Taylor Dyches. Teaching About Disabilities Through Children's Literature.

Recipes for Fun: Play Activities for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families. 1986  (A loose-leaf produced by the Kennedy Foundation. It’s full of good ideas for inexpensive activities.)
Rosner, Jerome. Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties.

Schoenbrodt, Lisa. Children With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Parent's Guide.
Schwartz, Sue and Joan Heller Miller. The Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to Special-Needs Children. 1988.
Walling, Linda Lucas and Marilyn H. Karrenbrock. Disabilities, Children and Libraries: Mainstreaming Services in Public Libraries and School Library Media Centers. 1993.
Walling, Linda Lucas and Marilyn M. Irwin, eds. Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities. 1995. (See especially Coy Hunsucker’s chapter.)
Walling, Linda Lucas, Jane McGregor, and Pat Feehan discussing picture books and programming for children with disabilities (unedited video)
Walling, Linda Lucas and Marilyn H. Karrenbrock Stauffer discussing materials and services for children with disabilities (unedited video)

Walling, Linda Lucas. The Linda Lucas Walling Collection For and About Children With Different Abilities: Website Materials. 

Ward, Marilyn. Voices From the Margins: An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction on Disabilties and Differences for Young People.

Winders, Patricia C. Gross Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. 
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Youth With Special Needs: A Resource Guide for Wisconsin's Public Libraries.

Ziegler, Robert G. Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope: An Easy-to-Learn Technique for Parents and Professionals.  1992.