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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Professional Resources

Some Professional Materials in the Linda Lucas Walling Collection

You will find more professional materials listed in the Bibliographies and Bibliotherapy sections of the collection’s Web page. Some of these are old, but they still include useful material. It is unfortunate that little has been written on this topic in recent years. If you are aware of some good recent titles, or journal articles, please let me know so that I can add them to the collection. Thanks!

Selected Titles:

Butler, Dorothy. Cushla and her Books. 1975. Hornbook
This is THE book to read if you want to understand the effect books can have on a child with developmental disabilities! It’s a record of a young New Zealander’s experiences with picture books in her first five years of life.

Coon, Cheryl. Books to Grow With: A Guide to Using the Best Children’s Fiction for Everyday Issues and Tough Challenges. 2004. (For updates, go to
A good place to start if you are looking for titles to use in bibliotherapy.

Doll, Beth and Carol Doll. Bibliotherapy with Young People: Librarians and Health Professionals Working Together. 1997.
Here you will find good advice on how to actually do bibliotherapy with children and young adults.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock. The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. 2003.
This is a relatively new book on a disability that has only gained attention in recent years.

Schwartz, Sue and Joan Heller Miller. The Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to Special-Needs Children. 1988.
The subtitle says it all!

Walling, Linda Lucas and Marilyn M. Irwin, eds. Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities. 1995.
See especially Coy Hunsucker’s chapter on sharing literature with children with disabilities. Hunsucker began working with the children in the Cincinnati area in the 1960s. She shares her experiences and gives examples of programs she has used successfully.

Walling, Linda Lucas and Marilyn H. Karrenbrock. Disabilities, Children and Libraries: Mainstreaming Services in Public Libraries and School Library Media Centers. 1993.
The sections on computers and the directory information in this book are obsolete. Other sections contain information that is still valuable. For example, Marilyn's chapters on tangible materials and programming include lots of good ideas. She gives detailed instructions on things like making games. This book is out-of-print, and I (LLW) hold the copyright. If you want to copy sections of the book, please contact me. Used copies of the book are often available on


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